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Driving Brand and Social Objectives

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The Council Advertising Network ensures you reach the right people at key stages in their lives in an environment they trust.

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Our network helps local authorities generate income from quality advertisers and use advertising technology to achieve their objectives.

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Strengthen Your Brand

The estate offers you a trusted, brand-safe environment to reach people as they engage with essential services and content. Government continues to invest heavily in its web infrastructure to make public services simpler and better. The result is that people are consuming more of their services online and have confidence in the information they receive from government websites, an ideal environment for brand association and social engagement.

Access Key Life Stages

Government informs, safeguards and supports various aspects of our lives. Council websites are where people register the birth of their child, find out what’s on for the weekend, ensure an elderly relative is well looked after, choose a school, get planning permission for their home extension and research which licences are required for their business. Some 25 different services, pertaining to key events in constituents’ lives, are delivered by councils, often in exclusivity. Such a contextually rich environment is optimal in presenting brand messages and encouraging action.

Stay In View

Viewability remains a critical concern for most advertisers. All Local Authorities on the Council Advertising Network sign up to a strict policy to ensure ads are loaded in view. We permit a maximum of 2 display ads per page, giving advertisers and website users a clutter-free environment. Standard IAB ad units can also be complemented with our exclusive iBar – a fixed, always in view floor ad that provides multiple link throughs.

Improve Engagement

Councils are working hard to shift customers to digital channels, and digital advertising technology can help. The channel shift iBar allows citizens to link directly to high volume services from anywhere on the council website without searching through menus. CAN also gives councils access to aggregate and anonymised data to enable targeting of services to people in need, before downstream costs start to spiral. Taking the best approaches from digital marketing, authorities can start to shape their services to the needs of micro markets, improving delivery and reducing costs. At no cost to the council. All paid for by digital advertising on the council’s website.

Reach Citizens

We now spend an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes online every day. Not on TV. On hundreds of thousands of websites that cater to our specific and often narrow interests. When councils need to reach micro segments to promote voter registration, ensure vulnerable individuals are up to date with welfare changes, encourage participation in budget setting or identify potential candidates for fostering and adoption, digital can target to a degree that is simply not possible with any other media. CAN partner councils get no-cost access to the digital advertising infrastructure so they can experiment with creatives, optimise time of day, digital media and ad formats, and achieve high levels of reach.

Generate Income

The Council Advertising Network not only provides access to digital advertising data and technology at no cost, it also enables local authorities to create a new revenue stream from advertising placed on their websites. Councils have complete control over the ads that appear without the burden of managing the infrastructure or selling advertising space. CAN is a fully managed service, making it easy to join and implement. Councils can also take advantage of the CAN infrastructure to support their local advertising efforts, receiving free of charge ad operations as part of their CAN membership.

About Us

Council Advertising Network

CAN Digital Solutions was launched formally on 1 May 2014 to source socially responsible advertising as the exclusive partner of Local Authorities.



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